HasenGlobal’s construction team has considerable background and involvement in both the government and private sector, and provides a full range of services including procurement, construction, and consulting assistance in sensitive projects. Our leaders have international experience in the Federal sector such as the U.S. Embassy in Norway, Special Operations Command in Africa and USOSCE in Vienna, Austria. HasenGlobal team members have engaged in projects worldwide and have assisted with the building of diplomatic facilities on nearly every continent, from large cities with developed infrastructures and economies, to austere environments of political unrest in Third World countries. As a global contractor, HasenGlobal delivers a team of highly trained professionals, who bring a wealth of experience in managing complex projects around the world.

In addition to this considerable experience, we take pride of our proven track record for delivering construction projects under strict deadlines. We have vast knowledge of the global supply network, and provide quick and responsive solutions when issues arise overseas. Drawing from decades of global construction experience, and with our commitment to safety and quality, we are a trusted partner to deliver our clients’ complex projects in the global community.


HasenGlobal has two offices strategically placed in high-growth Texas markets. Located in the metropolitan corridors of Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin/San Antonio, HasenGlobal is ideally located to serve our growing clients and communities throughout Texas, the Southwest, and beyond. Since the founding of the Hasen Design Build & Development over a decade ago, and with over 100 projects under our belt, ranging from historic renovations with the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, to the intricate design and installation of industrial waste water treatment facilities, we have earned the respect, trust, and continued business of our clients.

With our main operating headquarters in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, HasenGlobal offers full-line construction service through design-build, preconstruction, construction management and general contracting. Our leaders’ combined fifty-plus years of experience in the domestic market allows us to present the best competitive pricing to our clients, which in turn allows us to maximize control over cost, schedule, and quality. We support our clients by acting as an industry leader in all phases of construction, from pre-design through final closeout.

Specialized Construction

In the world of Federal Contracting, HasenGlobal is uniquely positioned to serve the niche Specialized Construction market.  The Specialized Construction division of HasenGlobal focuses in construction and renovations for embassies, government facilities, and private sector work. Our elite and highly skilled team offer “turn-key” services and solutions for our government and private sector clients in all matters requiring secure construction. Our primary clients in this area include the U.S. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense. Our construction managers consistently provide expert support and logistics, and deliver results in complex projects across vast geographic boundaries. Our leadership has successfully executed projects around the globe; from forward operations in the Middle East and Africa to more developed efforts throughout Europe.